6th Grade Center
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6 Grade Center Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-7900 | Fax: 509-465-7920 | Attendance Line: 509-465-7980 (24hrs)

Principal: Barb Pybus barb.pybus@mead354.org 7900
Assistant Principal: Andrew Blumelandrew.blumel@mead354.org 7900

Principal Administrative Assistant:

Bonnie Sicilia bonnie.sicilia@mead354.org 7901
Building Administrative Assistant: Gail Ortega gail.ortega@mead354.org 7902

Business Office: Donna Hutchinson donna.hutchinson@mead354.org 7907

First Name

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Work Email

Phone- 509-465-7900

Merideth Adams Health & Fitness, Exploratory
Team - Water
merideth.adams@mead354.org 7922
Kristi Amend Math Teacher
Team - Water
kristi.amend@mead354.org 7916
Teresa Arnzen Educational Specialist teresa.arnzen@mead354.org 7608
Melinda Bakos Para Educator melinda.bakos@mead354.org 7900
Andrew Blumel Assistant Principal andrew.blumel@mead354.org 7900
Bryce Borland CTE Electives Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Earth
bryce.borland@mead354.org 7917
Nichele Byers Para Educator nichele.byers@mead354.org 7900
Tiffany Byrd Math Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Earth
tiffany.byrd@mead354.org 7950
Harvey Cole Para Educator harvey.cole@mead354.org 7900
Behka Corker Health & Fitness, Exploratory
Team - Water
behka.corker@mead354.org 7944
Angela Critelli Cook II angela.critelli@mead354.org 7900
Tracy Curtis DLC Para Educator tracy.curtis@mead354.org 7900
Melissa Eckley DS Custodian 3 melissa.eckley@mead354.org 7900
Ginny Ekins Para Educator ginny.ekins@mead354.org 7900
Tina Elliott Educational Specialist tina.elliott@mead354.org 7609
Tracy Emch School Nurse tracy.emch@mead354.org 7600
Dan Feldhusen SPED-DLC Teacher
Team - Water
dan.feldhusen@mead354.org 7936
Jill Fetcho Science Teacher
Team - Water
jill.fetcho@mead354.org 7921
Stu Flesland Para Educator stu.flesland@mead354.org 7900
Corey Freuen Para Educator corey.freuen@mead354.org 7900
Gallinger Social Studies, Health & Fitness Teacher
Team - Fire
marcy.gallinger@mead354.org 7956
Cole Harvey Para Educator cole.harvey@mead354.org 7900
Maud Hancock ELD Teacher maud.hancock@mead354.org 7946
Angeliki Hibbard SPED - Resource Room Teacher
Team - Air
angeliki.hibbard@mead354.org 7951
Breahna Hinton Para Educator breahna.hinton@mead354.org 7900
Ashly Hoffman Speech/Language Pathologist ashly.hoffman@mead354.org 7900
Andy Knaggs ELA Teacher
Team - Water
andy.knaggs@mead354.org 7900
Brenda Lacey Speech/Language Pathologist brenda.lacey@mead354.org 7964
Niya Lutjemeier Para Educator niya.lutjemeier@mead354.org 7900
Joilyn Madsen English Language Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Fire
joilyn.madsen@mead354.org 7957
Brett Maloney Science Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Air
brett.maloney@mead354.org 7947
Melissa Martin Science Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Earth
melissa.martin@mead354.org 7948
Chad Meseberg Math Teacher
Team - Air
chad.meseberg@mead354.org 7941
Krystal Metzger English Language Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Air
krystal.metzger@mead354.org 7945
Kelly Michels Para Educator kelly.michels@mead354.org 7900
Cathy Moczulski School Psychologist cathy.moczulski@mead354.org 7686
Debbie Morrill English Language Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Earth
debbie.morrill@mead354.org 7955
Bryan Murphey Math Teacher
Team - Fire
bryan.murphey@mead354.org 7953
Gail Ortega Building Assistant gail.ortega@mead354.org 7902
Chrissy Osborne Physical Therapist chrissy.osborne@mead354.org 7600
Ryan Oster Social Studies Teacher, Exploratory
Team - Earth
ryan.oster@mead354.org 7954
Tammi Pratt Para Educator tammi.pratt@mead354.org 7900
Barb Pybus Principal barb.pybus@mead354.org 7900
James Rosell SS Custodian 2 james.rosell@mead354.org 7900
Kim Sain School Psychologist kim.sain@mead354.org 7600
Mark Shulkin SPED-Resource Room Teacher
Team - Earth
mark.shulkin@mead354.org 7952
Bonnie Sicilia Principal's Administrative Assistant bonnie.sicilia@mead354.org 7901
Bryan Smith Science Teacher
Team - Fire 
bryan.smith@mead354.org 7949
Janel Smith Social Studies Teacher
Team - Air
janel.smith@mead354.org 7943
Alyssa St. Clair Counselor
alyssa.stclair@mead354.org 7925
Cary Strate Occupational Therapist cary.strate@mead354.org 7600
Deborah Swanson Para Educator deborah.swanson@mead354.org 7961
Jermaine Tuggle Cook Mgr II jermaine.tuggle@mead354.org 7915
Keith Ward Health & Fitness/Athletic Director
Team - Air
keith.ward@mead354.org 7940
Jolisa Wenkheimer Health & Fitness Teacher
Team - Fire
jolisa.wenkheimer@mead354.org 7942
Roger Widmer Social Studies Teacher
Team - Water
roger.widmer@mead354.org 7918
Mary Wilner Teacher of the Visually Impaired
mary.pfannenstielwil@mead354.org 7612