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Social Studies Enrichment Activities

Ancient Greece 6 Week Plan


Dear Parents and Sixth Grade Students,

While we are saddened by the close of school, we know that these precautionary measures are necessary for the safety of our students and staff. For the next few weeks, we will do everything we can to keep in touch with parents and students via email and google classroom. We also realize that not all students will have access to the internet. Please know that students received packets on Monday March 16th (packets are also available for parents to pick-up from the 6GC office or you can download and print yourselves with the file below) to work on as enrichment activities for the next six weeks. These cannot be graded or used as extra credit per state law. We encourage students to do the activities, but cannot require them.

Online Access from home:

  • Students need to log into their gmail account by using their username@mead354.org and password
  • They should see a “Waffle” or “Dice” icon in the upper right hand corner
  • From there, they can click on google classroom to see posted assignments 
  • Most kids have google classroom saved in their bookmarks as well
  • Please email your child’s teacher if you are having trouble accessing google classroom from home





Ancient Greece 6 Week Schedule:

We will use the following schedule and post new assignments/enrichment activities each week.


  • Week 1: Geography of Ancient Greece-find, label and color map of Greece
  • Map & List sent home & uploaded as PDF below
  • Google classroom post with links to help label maps

  • Week 2: Minoans vs. Mycenaeans and Minoan Art
  • Worksheets sent home & uploaded as PDF below
  • Google classroom post with links to Minoan art

  • Week 3: Greek Gods
  • Packet sent home & uploaded as PDF below

  • Week 4: Spring Break
  • Links for interactive games relating to ancient Greece

  • Week 5: Theseus and the Minotaur
  • Worksheet sent home & uploaded as PDF below
  • Google classroom post with copy of the worksheet, link to listen to the story

  • Week 6: Maze of the Minotaur
  • Packet sent home & uploaded as PDF below
  • Google classroom links to learn the Greek alphabet

  • Back to School!!!
  • Please bring folder with activities back to school (we will refer to these and use as we move forward with our unit). We will not grade activities or use as extra credit!


6GC Social Studies Team

Mrs. Gallinger, Mr. Widmer, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Oster