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Math Enrichment Activities

Hello 6GC Families, 
Below you will find Math enrichment activities and resources for our students to utilize over the course of the school closure. 

v  MATHia – get caught up on your assignments, of course you can move on ahead of us.

v  Solveme.edc.org – Mobiles (corresponds to our current Module)

v  Math Antics – YouTube – example for Order of Operations: https://youtu.be/dAgfnK528RA

v  Khan Academy - contact individual teachers for access to class Khan websites.

v  Math Playground - see link in your Google Classroom folder

v  Hands on Equation - YouTube videos on your Google Classroom folder, you can also work through more lessons

v  Math Shorts – YouTube – example for Order of Operations:


v  TedEd – Riddle Challenges are a lot of fun

Please contact your student's teacher for more details. 
Bryan Murphey - bryan.murphy@mead354.org
Thank you!